ActivePresenter Professional 8.5.2 Crack & License Key {2021} Free Download

ActivePresenter Professional 8.5.2 Patch & Serial Key Latest {2021} Full Download

ActivePresenter Professional Full Crack & License Key Updated Free Download

ActivePresenter Professional 8.5.2 Crack includes all the tools needed for screen recording, annotation, screencast video editing, and creation of interactive eLearning content in HTML5.

ActivePresenter Professional 8.5.2 Patch lets you edit audio/video, change the look and feel of content, and define branching scenarios easily and efficiently. Supporting the latest HTML5 web standards and the ability to integrate with a learning management system, content created with ActivePresenter can be delivered to virtually any device and platform.

ActivePresenter Professional 8.5.2 License Key is a complete all-in-one screen recorder, video editor, and interactive e-learning authoring software available for Windows and macOS. With ActivePresenter, it’s easy to create professional screencasts, training videos, or interactive e-learning courses.

ActivePresenter Professional 8.5.2 Key Features:

Interactive eLearning

  • Import PowerPoint presentations: Import PowerPoint slides directly even if Microsoft PowerPoint is not installed on your system.
  • Responsive Design: Design fully responsive, mobile-ready eLearning content. Easily turn ordinary projects into responsive projects.
  • FlexBox: Automatically align and distribute space for a group of objects. Allow consistent and efficient management of layout and spacing, especially in responsive projects.
  • Themes and Templates: Use well-designed themes and templates to quickly create new projects.
  • Slide Templates: Save an existing project as a master slide for later reuse as the basis for other projects.
  • Style (Color and Effects): Create high-quality screencast videos and workout simulations with different line/fill/text styles and shadow effects.
  • Bullet and Numbering Styles: Other new bullet styles and numbering options are ready for your choice.
  • Freeform and Shapes: Choose from dozens of shapes. Draw vector shapes and custom paths using the Freeform Shapes and Scribbles tools.
  • Image Editing: The built-in image editor with transparency support makes editing any image quick and easy.
  • Object Templates: Create object models from objects and groups of objects for reuse in projects or between projects.
  • Transitions and Animations: Engage audience/students by applying effects to slides and objects. There are a wide variety of amazing transition and animation effects.
  • Text Animation: Create a variety of fun text animations with words or letters for any objects with text.
  • Object Setting View: Allow default style adjustments for several types of objects like cursor path, shapes, questions, etc.
  • Object Groupings: Group objects on a slide into a single object to move, resize, rotate, or simultaneously change other properties.
  • Object Size and Position Locking Options: Lock the size and position of objects on the canvas for easy editing.
  • The multiple States for Objects: Turn any object into a multistate object. Easily develop interactive content without using multiple objects or “hide and show” techniques.
  • Icons: Add visuals to your presentation using dozens of non-pixel icons.
  • Equation: Write pixel-perfect equations and formulas for presentations or quizzes on math or science. Copying equations from Microsoft Office is also possible.
  • Animated Timer: Use a digital timer and visually adjustable progress bar to count run time up or down and trigger actions when time is up.
  • Embed HTML Packages: Allow the integration of HTML resources in your module without an active URL or line of code.
  • Quizzes: Create almost any type of assessment or survey using the eleven question types available in the app.
  • Fill in Blank Question: Change the words/phrases provided in the sentence or paragraph in an empty text box and have students fill them in.
  • Hotspot Question: As a question based on the picture. Allow the arrangement of the dots in the picture as the correct answer, then ask students to identify themselves.
  • Import Questions from File: Import format-compatible questions from GIFT and CSV files. This is especially useful when you need to add a large number of questions to your project at once.
  • Feedback Master: Provide a consistent appearance through the layers of comments throughout your course. Design each comment layer with text, images, videos, and more.
  • Slide Pool & Randomization: Design professional random quizzes with slides and random slides to prevent viewers from remembering and predicting answers.
  • Multiple Timelines: Create multiple timelines for a slide containing different animations of the same object. Use actions to rotate additional timelines to design rich interactions.
  • Interactivity: A flexible event action mechanism with a wide variety of event types and actions allows different learning scenarios to be determined based on audience response at each stage.
  • Conditional Actions and Advanced Interactions: Create complex event-based interactions from one or more conditions. Add greater interactivity to your advanced interactions or eLearning games.
  • Variables: Add additional functionality with variables. Use variables to label and store information that will be referenced and used throughout the project.
  • Advanced Action: Simplify the interaction creation process by combining multiple conditional actions into a single, easily reusable follow-up action.
  • HTML5 Player Settings: Completely customize the player with tons of stylish skins, presets, and handy features.
  • Table of Contents for HTML5: Give your audience a preview of the project and quick navigation by including a table of contents.
  • Author Videos: Embed presentation slides with talking heads or how-to videos. Give students full control over whether or not to see author videos.
  • Attach Resources to Projects: Attach resources to courses to provide students with relevant information, related websites, or printable copies of slides.
  • Customizable Preloader: Customize the preloader that appears when your document loads the resource as you like.
  • Show-in-Mode Property for Slide: Select the operating mode of the slide to decide in which mode the slide will appear in the output.
  • HTML5 Preview: Preview interactive content in the browser with one click.
  • Course Review: Allow users to enter review mode from a report slide to review their answers when done.
  • Web Fonts for HTML5: Use any font to create stylish, consistent content on any device.
  • Spell  Checker: Ensure the quality of the content by using the spell check feature. This is especially important when working with text.
  • Configurable Hotkeys: Some of the target apps have registered common keyboard shortcuts. In this case, a configurable keyboard shortcut is required to create a complete recording session.

Screen Recording

  • Full Motion Recording: Save the screen as an animated video and embed it into a slide for further editing with annotations, voiceover, zoom and pan, closed captions, and animation effects.
  • Smart Capture: Capture the screen when the mouse is clicked or the button is pressed. Each action is captured as a slide explaining in detail what the viewer needs to follow to master the lesson.
  • Webcam Recording: Record screen and webcam simultaneously or record webcam video separately, it all depends on your needs.
  • Microphone and Speakers Recording: Record system sound and microphone sound at the same time while recording the screen. Separate voiceover and narration recording are also available.
  • Smart Annotation: Automatically generate descriptions of target actions and applications and insert them correctly in the slides. Make content almost ready to publish for short tutorials
  • Lossless Quality: Record with lossless video codecs to ensure the best quality (100%) in the entire editing process. H.264 lossy codec is also available.

Advanced Editing for Audio/Video

  • User Interface: Choose a light theme or a dark theme to match your appearance.
  • Multiple Media Layers: Insert video, audio in the slide.
  • Audio & Video Editing: Edit audio and video without losing quality. Supported operations include crop, delete, crop, split, merge, blur, change playback speed, change volume, and insert freeze frame.
  • Advanced Audio Effects: Fade In/Out, Noise Reduction, Audio Normalization: Apply advanced audio effects for fade in and fade out, remove background noise, and keep sound levels consistent between slides.
  • Blur: Hide sensitive information in videos or pictures by blurring moving and static (stationary) objects.
  • Spotlight: Draw viewers’ attention to a specific area with Spotlight. You can apply shapes and styles to Spotlight.
  • Zoom-n-Pan: Guide viewers to different parts of the screen using Zoom-n-Pan. This allows for a smoother transition when changing the focus area.
  • Green Screen Effect for Video: Integrate live-action footage to enhance video presentations by overlaying two images/videos based on chroma range.
  • Cursor Path: Emulate cursor movement with flexible cursor paths. Add more visuals to the cursor path with highlight and click sound.
  • Closed Caption: Add captions to provide more information, create audio transcripts, and support deaf or hard-of-hearing audiences.
  • Multiple Languages for Closed Caption: Add a different language to your closed captions, making your content more accessible to everyone.
  • Text To Speech: Convert text in any shape/object or closed text to speech using the system’s Text To Speech engine. Add more sounds to create interesting tutorials.

Multiple Output Formats

  • Export to Video: Export content to popular video formats including MP4, AVI, WMV, WebM, and MKV. Balance output size and video quality with frame rate and quality options.
  • Export to HTML5: Export content in HTML5 format that can run on any modern web browser and device (PC, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.).
  • Export to SCORM and xAPI: Supports SCORM and xAPI, two of the most popular e-learning specifications widely supported by many learning management systems (LMS).
  • Export to Office Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint): Export to the most popular document formats. Advanced editing with Microsoft Office. Custom layout with Microsoft Word.
  • Report & Tracking: Even without using LMS, learner results can be tracked using HTTP methods. Report the data in well-known formats like XML, JSON.
  • Backup: Prevent data loss in the event of power failure or system failure with backup capabilities.

What’s new in ActivePresenter Professional 8.5.2?

  • Bug Fixes & Some Improvements.


ActivePresenter Professional Full Serial Key & Patch Tested Free Download

How to install & activate ActivePresenter Professional?

  • Disconnect from the internet (Most important).
  • Extract and install by using setup.
  • Use the keygen to generate a license key during the installation.
  • Complete the installation and launch the program.
  • It’s done, Enjoy ActivePresenter Professional 8.5.2 Full Version.

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