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SmartDraw Portable is the easiest way to create complex and powerful graphics from any device or platform. Its offers over 4,500 smart templates and more than 34,000 icons for more than 70 different chart types, including flowcharts, flowcharts, floor plans, network diagrams, and more.

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SmartDraw Portable is the best alternative to Microsoft Visio and for companies looking for an affordable but powerful Visio replacement. With SmartDraw you can open Visio files, even if Visio is not installed on your system. You can even batch convert entire directories of Visio files at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds. You benefit from the power and simplicity of SmartDraw Key and the ability to work with Visio users.

The graphically displayed information is more understandable and a hundred times more attractive. Graphics are no longer the work of designers. Professionals and students from all fields today need drawing tools to better understand their work and to present it regularly. The SmartDraw Crack program used is the best tool to help you with these tasks. You can easily create the best graphical presentations with your tools, and you do not need training.

Key Features of SmartDraw Portable Full 2023:

  • Create online project tables and connect tasks to your Trello tables. You can easily schedule and view a project in SmartDraw, and your team can use Trello to mark task progress. Changes made to SmartDraw Key are displayed in real time on the Trello table and vice versa. It is a powerful combination.
  • Turn any mind map into a Gantt chart with just one click. Just switch between the views. Changes made in one view are automatically applied to the other.
  • Create a trello card for each element of a mind map. Think about, organize meetings with the visual elements of SmartDraw, and make them work with Trello.
  • Create a wired structure for your next website or mobile application with completely redesigned imaging tools, including new icons and templates.
  • More than 140 new computer graphics templates are available for presentation.
  • Import data to create charts and mind maps, and then export data from existing charts.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for your account for added security.
  • All CAD drawings now have a powerful annotation level.
  • Save your charts in addition to the many third-party storage options offered by SmartDraw Key in Box.
  • Import Visio templates in addition to Visio files.
  • Create custom symbol libraries for your team.
  • Translate the SmartDraw Portable interface with support for 100 different languages.
  • Adding Charts to Trello Cards.
  • Adds the ability to enable two-factor authentication.
  • SmartDraw has recently added many new CAD features that make it the most powerful solution for creating all kinds of scale diagrams, including floor plans.
  • In this release, SmartDraw Code has also added the scaling-independent annotation layer to all floor plans and documents to help you improve your drawings with additional information.
  • This annotation layer adjusts its size and position automatically when the drawing area (or paper size) changes. You can add scaling, authoring, and other design information to this layer, just like the “side view” of a traditional CAD program.
  • Create and edit online charts with SmartDraw Cloud.
  • Completely revised Visio import.
  • Powerful multi-page support in a single document.
  • Immediately share diagrams with other users, even if they do not have SmartDraw.
  • Modernized appearance.
  • Updated topics and templates.
  • Network design, wireframing and other new content.
  • Free maintenance for one year.

What’s New ?

  • SmartDraw Portable stylizes and creates your organization chart according to the rules that apply to each data type. The data identified as the name will be centered in a single flowchart, while any data identified as a hyperlink will trigger a hyperlink icon with a link to be added to the form.
  • The data type is displayed in the first menu above each column. You can change this type by selecting another option from the drop-down menu.
  • Name – The data in this column is the first line of text displayed as Show Form.
  • Title – This will be displayed as a second line of text in the form.
  • Hyperlink – Adds a hyperlink to the URL specified in the form. For example, you can add links to employee records.
  • Photo – In this column, you can add a URL for the person to an image. If a photo column exists, SmartDraw Portable shares the shape of the chart so that the left side of the shape displays the photo.
  • Other – By default, these columns are displayed in the data level (Show in Data) and not in the form itself. You can change this via the display menu. Once the chart has been created, you can locate this information by hovering over the blue “i” icon in the lower-right corner of the organization chart form. The other columns are added in the shape of the name and title from left to right.
  • For each column of your data, you have three choices in the display menu at the top of each column (this is the second drop-down menu):
  • You can see the value in the form by choosing Show in Form. This may be appropriate for a person’s name, title or phone number.
  • Move the value to a data level that is displayed only in hover mode by selecting Show in Data. This may be appropriate for dates such as a hiring date or an employee ID.
  • Hide this value completely by choosing “Do not show”.
  • When you’re done, click the “Create Diagram” button to create your diagram.
  • If you leave the default values ​​unchanged, each form displays two lines, one for Name and one for Title. All other column data is moved to the data plane and displayed as shape data.
  • However, you can easily customize this by using the display options in the extension. Display as many data columns as you like. The
  • Flowchart extension of SmartDraw portable is powerful and easy to use.

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  • SmartDraw Activation Key is an excellent application for a variety of graphics you need, with incredible tempi, including:
  • The moment you need to plot a commitment between the essential calculation and the most breathtaking Gantt contours, this instrument is valuable.
  • It’s a lot easier to work with, mapping between charts is easier because filling in a chart makes it easier to follow it, and offers a wide range of alternatives and provisions to help you build it.


  • The client administration is not a bug fix. If you try to contact them, be careful if they send you an e-mail the next day, which is usually not the case. If you receive an e-mail, the inconvenience will not be resolved remotely, and it is not recommended to talk about it if the “answer” or the advice is not relevant.
  • There is no automatic registration, unless you are working in the cloud for this program. It also stops and closes all the time – and rejects most of your work during this session.
  • It is so unstable that it can not support the functions it supposedly performs, such as Layers, estimations, embedding photos, etc.

SmartDraw Features Key:

  • It raises the high quality of conversation
  • There is an instant and the last tool to produce an outstanding view
  • User pleasant and simple to use
  • The best application for individual business programmers
  • You can create complicated files in an easy way
  • Right now easily style your themes, formats as well as Visio compatibility
  • An incorporated system used to draw office as well as makes you the expert
  • This is great for images and visual illustrations
  • Using drawings for a company, schooling, and individual undertakings is an efficient way to improve conversation
  • It improves the interview’s effectiveness.
  • There is always an instantaneous and therefore a final instrument for creating a stunning vision.
  • It’s easy to get and enjoyable for the consumer.
  • The help of an IT specialist users can explore all options in the form of solution.
  • Autonomous business developers will find that this was the best software.
  • You may easily construct sophisticated documents.
  • Otherwise you can quickly customize their backgrounds, codecs, and SharePoint interoperability.
  • The interdisciplinary field that both draws attention and qualifies someone as such an authority
  • This is ideal for graphical means and photos.
  • User could search types of connectivity after it.
  • This application would create a touching slip of that bundle contract.
  • user could visit the direction of map.
  • The impractical appeal creates qualitative illustrations rapid.
  • User could completely source different figures through it.
  • In dependence upon, deal user the advantage in several tongues.
  • Above objective many shops and bazaar designs which are in a foreign country.

SmartDraw 2023 Keys:











SmartDraw 2023 Keys:





SmartDraw Key 2023:





SmartDraw 2023 Key:








SmartDraw 2023 Code:


SmartDraw 2023 Code:


SmartDraw Pro 2023 Code:


System Requirements:

  1. Operating System: – Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11, Vista.
  2. Memory (RAM):  2 GB.
  3. CPU: 2.1 Gz.
  4. Hard Drive Space (HDD): 16 MB

What’s New:

  • Especially compared to other well-known manufacturers, each commodity is of good value.
  • The above application enables to create the increased requirement and publish something on the graphs, choice forests, and meet diverse requirements as identified by specified.
  • It’s indeed fully compatible with both the previous standard already can domestic and international commercial schematics along with templates in Microsoft word document with both the best results inside the industry.
  • The simple solution that makes it possible than ever before to create professional-looking, accessible presenting demonstrations.
  • This version includes a new spell-checking engine as well as some text-editing shortcuts.Upload manufacturer images of drawings to one’s individual customized meaningful expression collections and future usage on all Computers running.


Not only do you want a broad range of scalable features and pricing schemes for credible architectural software. First-class customer care is almost as important as the basic equipment. You want to make sure that you have problems in situations where you have questions about Space Designer 3D or SmartDraw or need an update or useful features for your business that you can trust to be a reactive solution. and helpful customer service. Check if services like hotline, tickets or live chat are available. In addition, it is a great advantage if you can benefit from a personal training or at least a FAQ that you can use.

SmartDraw v27.0.2.5 Portable With Full Version Download

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